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Is it really possible to buy a house for a pound? Yes it is possible to buy a house without any money if you know how! Many property investors never use any of their money to own large number of properties. They use simple methods which can be copied and followed by anyone. If you learn and follow the simple methods used by the investors then you too can own several properties without using any of your money. Through this website I like to teach and share with you how you too can buy a house of your dream without a bank credit or large deposit. Few years ago investors used easily available ‘buy to let mortgages’ to buy investment properties. What they used to do was to secure a discounted offer from a desperate seller normally 15 to 20% and then get 85% mortgage and buy the house without using any of their money, often with 5 to 10% profit. Recent banking regulations made it difficult for many investors use this strategy any more. So now they follow different strategies. One of the popular strategy  is lease option.

Lease Option

Lease options is becoming more and more popular in UK as people begin to learn more and more about them! The current Market condition it has become harder and harder for people to get onto the housing market. Lease Options are a way for people to fix the price of a house so they can save towards the deposit and/or improve their income. The groups of people who are currently benefiting from Lease Options are:

  • First Time Buyers
  • Self Employed with no accounts
  • Women or Men looking after children who plan to go back to work
  • Anyone who wants to stop paying rent and getting nothing back
  • People moving up the ladder needing a bigger house but cannot quite afford quite yet
  • When relationships break down often it is difficult to get back to owning a property
  • People who are training and whose wages will improve but want to move into a house now that will be their own
  • Graduates who do not want to rent but want a way to ensure that they benefit from the appreciation over a 3-8 year period
  • Anyone who has poor credit and cannot get a mortgage today or the mortgage rate is very high because of their poor credit score.
  • Anyone who wants benefit of enjoying the feeling of living in a house  that will be theirs in the future and who cannot afford to buy today.

when the Tenant Buyer moves into a property they agree to maintain the property as per the conditions of the lease. They are given an option to buy the property at a fixed price at a date in the future which is also fixed. There are also a number of Tenant Buyers who are happy to pay some money towards the purchase price at the start of the agreement. This helps them because it reduces their monthly payment and further cements the security of the transaction for the investor.

Lease Option is the best way forward for anyone thinking of property ownership without mortgage or large deposits. Any appreciation in the value of the property goes to the tenant buyer. Eventhough it is simple there are many rules and regulations to do this without problem. That is why I strongly suggest to attend Rick Otton’s NEW RULES Property 2017 Intensive.

Rent to Rent

Rent to Rent is one of the other strategy used by the many property experts. Rent to Rent is a very simple. All it involves is to rent a property from a landlord for a fixed period of time and then refurbish and rent it out to professionals room by room. You get the permission from the landlord and the local council (if necessary) to sublet the property room by room. Your agreement with the landlord is to maintain the property to the highest standard and you cover all the expenses and legal cost relating to tenant problems. In short you take responsibility as a letting agent or property manager for the landlord. In most cases you agree with the landlord to purchase the property at the end of the agreed contract period. Although it looks simple and doable for anyone you need to be trained to do this with confidence. Rick Otton’s NEW RULES OF Property 2017 Intensive will be the best strating point.

Rick Otton’s NEW RULES OF PROPERTY 2017  Intensive is an absolute MUST for anyone who currently invests-or wants to start investing-in UK property. This is 3 days of conference by Rick Otton where he teaches just cutting-edge property investment strategies which you can use immediately to buy property without needing a bank loan. You can master the 2015 NEW RULES for investing in property! You will master all strategies, techniques and systems for investing than you have ever heard or seen before!.

Instalment Contract

Instalment Contract is another way used by investors to buy and control a property. It is a way of legally buying a property with a long delay between the exchange of contract and completion. You commit to buy the property from the seller at an agreed date and time in the future. Instalment contracts give you time to complete the purchase and there are many advantages for using this route. You can learn a great details about  this from Rick Otton’s NEW RULES Property 2017 Intensive.